Winter Meeting 2023

Endcliffe Village Campus, Sheffield

The venue for all sessions is The Edge, Endcliffe Student Village, Sheffield, S10 3ED 

3-5 January 2023

Under the presidency of Prof. Katharine Dell.

Publishers are invited to display books for sale during the Meeting. Members who have had books published recently are also invited to display copies. Attendees are encouraged to speak to publisher representatives about possible publishing projects. 

TUESDAY 3 January

  • 2.00 pm Committee Meeting
  • 4.30 pm Registration 
  • 6.00 pm Reception sponsored by Sheffield Phoenix Press
  • 6.30 pm Dinner
  • 8.00 pm Presidential Address: Katharine Dell (Cambridge) “Covenant and wisdom: Arguing with a premise from absence” 


  • 8.00 am Breakfast 
  • 9.15 am Moritz Adam (Zurich) “Reflections upon History in Ecclesiastes and its Context in the Hellenistic Period” 
  • 10.00 am Megan Daffern (Cambridge) “Talking to yourself? The Psalms and Self-Address in the HB/OT” 
  • 10.45 am Coffee 
  • 11.15 am David Firth (Bristol) “A Poem of Two Contexts: Psalms 40:13-17 and 70 in their Canonical Setting”  
  • 12 noon Kirsi Cobb (Calver, Derbyshire) “Filling in the gaps: reading Hosea 1-3 with contemporary fiction writers” 
  • 1.00 pm Lunch 
  • 2.00 pm Free time
  • 3.30 pm Tea
  • 4.00 pm Paul Joyce (London) “False Hope and Inappropriate Optimism: Fresh Light on the Prophets from Psychology and Cognitive Science” 
  • 4.45 pm Nathan Eddy (London) “When the Prophet says No: Reading Ps 77 with Dan Pagis” 
  • 6.00 pm Reception sponsored by the Society in memory of Elizabeth Harper
  • 6.30 pm Dinner 
  • 8.00 pm Anselm Hagedorn (Osnabrüch) “Prophecy and Hellenism. Some thoughts on (very) late prophetic texts” 

THURSDAY 5 January

  • 8.00 am Breakfast
  • 9.15 am Peter Hatton (Bristol) “Berith as Treaty: Towards a Biblical Theology of Conflict Resolution” 
  • 10.00 am Suzanna Millar (Edinburgh) “Like the cattle, so the chattel: Animal domestication and slavery in ancient Israel and its context” 
  • 10.45 am Coffee 
  • 11.15 am Philip Jenson (Cambridge) “Incomparability: An alternative to mathematical monotheism” 
  • 12 noon Business Meeting (SOTS members only)
  • 1.00 pm Lunch, followed by departure


  • 8.00 am Breakfast and depart

Domestic Arrangements

The venue for the Meeting is The Edge, 34 Endcliffe Crescent, Sheffield, S10 3ED. The telephone number for the reception desk at The Edge is 0114 222 8810. Please refer to the travel instructions attached for maps and details of how to get to Endcliffe. 

The charges for hospitality are shown on the enclosed Booking Form. Members are requested to pay their accounts in full when returning the form but, if necessary, a non-returnable booking fee of £35 will be accepted and the balance will be payable, at the latest, on arrival at the Meeting. 

There is a subsidised price for those on low incomes or from economically disadvantaged countries. Applications for a further conference grant to assist in meeting the costs of attending the Meeting must reach the Secretary, Dr Richard Briggs ( by 18th November 2022. Application forms for grants are available on the SOTS website.

Financial support for carers to enable members to attend meetings is available on a trial basis. The grant is limited but may be put toward the cost of employing a carer or toward additional expenses incurred in a partner’s attendance. Applications must be received by 18th November. For more information or to make an application, contact the Secretary ( 

All bookings must be received by Wednesday 30th November 2022. No bookings can be accepted after that date. Bookings can be made by emailing the form to, with payment through the online shop at or by bank transfer, or by posted cheque. Please note that in making a booking, members render themselves liable for payment of the full cost of that booking, a liability that will be waived only in the light of extenuating circumstances and only when the final conference accounts permit a refund. You may wish to consider taking out insurance on your booking (or check that your annual travel insurance is applicable) to cover the possibility of you having to cancel. You are advised to make a copy of your completed Booking Form for your own records. 

General correspondence concerning the affairs of the Society should be sent to the Secretary, Dr Richard Briggs, preferably by email at (or at St Catherine’s House, Front Street, Broompark, Durham DH7 7QX, England). Proposals for new members must reach him by 7th December 2022. Changes of address should be sent to the Membership Secretary, Dr Janet Tollington, 118 Balland Fields, Willingham, Cambridge CB24 5JU (