Winter Meeting 2022

Winter Meeting 2022: 4–6 January 2022 (fully online)


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The SOTS Winter Conference 2022 will be held fully online, under the presidency of Prof Charlotte Hempel

Information updated: Dec 29, 2021:

The Society’s Winter Meeting has been moved on-line, via Zoom, because of the increased risks associated with in-person meetings due to the rapid transmission of the omicron variant of Covid-19.  Below are set out various possibilities which now apply; and the whole Committee hopes that these will enable more members to participate in the interesting programme of papers.
  • Members who were unable to book for Nottingham may now wish to book for the online meeting, for a payment of £30. Please fill out the  2022w Booking Form SOTS online.* As the form states, the deadline for bookings to be received by the Hospitality Secretary is 12.00 (noon) GMT on Monday 3rd January. *(The £30 payment icon is now visible on the website shop.)

  • Members who have already booked for the Nottingham meeting do not need to take any further action. Their bookings have already been transferred to the online meeting and they will automatically receive more information from the Information Officer, Zanne Domoney-Lyttle.

  • Those who had booked for Nottingham and had already cancelled, but had not yet received any refund, have also been transferred to the online meeting list and will receive the link to the sessions in due course.

  • Information about the process for claiming refunds for all those who booked for Nottingham will be sent out at the end of the meeting on Thursday 6th January
In addition all members, whether booking for the meeting or not, will be able to access listings and discount offers from selected publishers by logging in to the Members’ Space on the SOTS website from Monday 3rd January.
Updated Winter Programme and Booking forms
  • Shortened Downloadable booking form (for those who have not registered since the meeting moved online, but wish to do so): .docxPDF




TUESDAY 4 January

  • 2.00pm  Committee Meeting
  • 7.15pm  Presidential Address: Prof Charlotte Hempel (Birmingham), – ‘The Legacy of the People of the Land in the Dead Sea Scrolls’


  • 9.15am    Stuart Weeks (Durham) – ‘Why do we read Qohelet the ways we do?
  • 10.00am  Short Comfort Break
  • 10.10am  William Tooman (St. Andrews) – ‘Genesis 34 and the Law’
  • 10.55am  Coffee/Tea
  • 11.20am  Lindsey Askin (Bristol) – ‘Bone Diseases in the Hebrew Bible’
  • 12.05pm  Short Comfort Break
  • 12.15pm  Nathan MacDonald (Cambridge) – ‘The Making of the Tabernacle and the Construction of Priestly Hegemony’
  • 1.00pm   Lunch and Afternoon Break
  • 3.00pm   Sandra Jacobs (London) – ‘Women in Deuteronomy: From Assyria to the Battlegrounds of Sparta’
  • 3.45pm   Short Comfort Break
  • 3.55pm   Ellie Lyell (Exeter) – Red, Red Wine: Colour and Consumption in the Hebrew Bible’
  • 4.40pm   Coffee/Tea
  • 5.10pm   Gary Rendsburg (New Brunswick, NJ) – ‘The Genesis of Genesis’
  • 6.00pm   Dinner Break
  • 7.15pm  Hindy Najman (Oxford) – ‘Poetic Cycles and Processes of Perfection: Hodayot and Biblical “Rewriting”’

THURSDAY 6 January

  • 9.15am    Drew Longacre (Groningen) – ‘Paleographic Style and the Forms and Functions of the Dead Sea Psalm Scrolls’
  • 10.00am  Short Comfort Break
  • 10.10am  Anja Klein (Edinburgh) – ‘Resilience in the Three Major Prophets – A New Approach to a Hebrew Scriptures Theology’
  • 10.55am  Coffee/Tea
  • 11.25am  George Brooke (Manchester) – ‘Some Issues in Comparative Studies and the Bible: Multiplicity and Uniqueness’
  • 12.15pm  Business Meeting (members only)
  • 1.15pm    End of Meeting


General correspondence concerning the affairs of the Society should be sent to the Secretary, Dr Richard Briggs, (email: Proposals for new members must reach him by 1st December, 2021. Changes of address should be sent to the Membership Secretary, Dr Janet Tollington.