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Moab was a people living in an area on the east side of the Dead Sea and to some extent northwards by the lower course of the Jordan. They were under the control of Israel for a time, but successfully rebelled after the death of Ahab ca. 854 BCE (2 Kgs 1:1), and established an independent kingdom. Their king Mesha commemorates victory over Israel in the 9th-century Moabite Stone.

The legendary origin of the people is given in Gen 19:37-38. Moab and Ben-ammi are born to Lot and Lot’s two daughters. Moab is the father of the Moabites, and Ben-ammi the father of the Ammonites.

Plains of Moab

The plains of Moab are on the east of Jordan, opposite Jericho (Num 26:3; 33:49; Josh 13:32).