Summer Meeting 2022

Jubilee Campus, Nottingham

The venue for all sessions is the Exchange Building, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham, NG8 1BB. 

25–28 July 2022

Under the presidency of Prof. Charlotte Hempel.

The (18th) Joint Meeting with the Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap in the Netherlands and Belgium 

Publishers are invited to display books for sale during the Meeting. Members who have had books published recently are also invited to display copies.

MONDAY 25 July

  • 2.00 pm Committee Meeting
  • 4.30 pm Registration 
  • 6.00 pm Liane Feldman (New York) “Unthinking Sacrifice in Second Temple Jewish Literature” 
  • 7.00 pm Reception (sponsored by the Presidents for 2020 and 2021) 
  • 7.30 pm Dinner


  • 8.00 am Breakfast 
  • 9.15 am Gert Kwakkel (Kampen / Aix-en-Provence) “‘A Kingdom of Priests’: An Enigmatic Element in God’s Promises to Israel in Exodus 19:5-6” 
  • 10.00 am Ekaterina Kozlova (London) “2 Samuel and the Architecture of Poetic Justice” 
  • 10.45 am Coffee 
  • 11.15 am Jan-Wim Wesselius (Kampen) “Contradiction as an Essential Literary Aspect of the Hebrew Bible’s Primary History” 
  • 12 noon Nozipho Princess S. Dlodlo (Durban) “A Critical Reading of Selected Scenes from 1–2 Samuel with reference to Masculinity Construction”
  • 1.00 pm Lunch 
  • 2.00 pm Free time
  • 3.30 pm Tea
  • 4.00 pm Michaël N. van der Meer (Amsterdam) “The Ideological Background of the Books of Chronicles” 
  • 4.45 pm Charlene van der Walt (Durban) “‘We are family! Until we are not.’ Reflecting on Joseph in the context of Izitabane vulnerability…” 
  • 6.00 pm Brief Presentation by Karin Thomson (Shakespeare Institute, Stratford upon Avon) on “Shakespeare’s Legacy to the People of Birmingham” 
  • 6.15 pm Reception (sponsored by the University of Birmingham) 
  • 7.00 pm Dinner 
  • 8.15 pm Roger Nam (Atlanta) “The Economics of Diaspora” 


  • 8.00 am Breakfast
  • 9.15 am Ellen van Wolde (Nijmegen) “Should Amos 4:13 really be understood as a hymn of creation?” 
  • 10.00 am Philip Yoo (Vancouver) “Rethinking “Pentateuch” and “Hexateuch”: A Modest Proposal”
  • 10.45 am Coffee 
  • 11.15 am Carly L. Crouch (Nijmegen) “Identity’s Shifting Sands: Israel and Judah in the Sixth Century BCE” 
  • 12 noon Business Meeting (SOTS members only)
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • 1.45 pm Forum discussion (chaired by Charlotte Hempel (Birmingham)) “The Academy and Academic Publishing: Sustaining the Discipline Collaboratively” 
  • 3.15 pm Coach to Strelley Hall, Nottingham
  • 3.30 pm President’s Tea at Strelley Hall
  • 6.45 pm Dinner
  • 8.15 pm Martin Goodman (Oxford) “Herod and the Hebrew Bible” 


  • 8.00 am Breakfast and depart

Domestic Arrangements

The residential venue for the Meeting is Southwell Hall, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham, NG8 1AW, and the contact telephone number for the registration and security desk at Newark Hall (opposite Southwell) is (+44) 01158-466811. Please refer to the enclosed travel information for how to get to Southwell Hall. There is plenty of parking at or near Southwell Hall but we would recommend public transport where possible. Charges for hospitality are shown on the enclosed Booking Form. Members are requested to pay their accounts in full when returning the form but, if necessary, a non-returnable booking fee of £35 will be accepted and the balance will be payable on arrival at the Meeting. 

There is a subsidised price for those on low incomes or from economically disadvantaged countries. Applications for a further conference grant to assist in meeting the costs of attending the Meeting must reach the Secretary, Dr Richard Briggs ( by 13th May. Application forms for grants are available on the SOTS website.  

Financial support for carers to enable members to attend meetings is available on a trial basis. The grant is limited but may be put toward the cost of employing a carer or toward additional expenses incurred in a partner’s attendance. Applications must be received by 13th May 2022. For more information or to apply, contact the Secretary ( 

All bookings must be received by Friday 24th June 2022; no bookings can be accepted after that date. Bookings can be made by email to with payment made via purchase on the SOTS website shop, <>, by electronic bank transfer, or by a posted cheque (see Booking Form). Please note that in making a booking, members render themselves liable for payment of the full cost of that booking, a liability that will be waived only in the light of extenuating circumstances and only when the final conference accounts permit a refund. You may wish to consider taking out insurance on your booking (or check that your annual travel insurance is applicable) to cover the possibility of you having to cancel your booking. You are advised to make a copy of your completed Booking Form for your own records. 

General correspondence concerning the affairs of the Society should be sent to the Secretary, Dr Richard Briggs, by email at Proposals for new members must reach him by 31st May 2022. Changes of address notification should be sent to the Membership Secretary, Dr Janet Tollington, 118 Balland Fields, Willingham, Cambridge CB24 5JU (