Summer Meeting 2021

The Summer Meeting 2021

Under the presidency of Prof. Hugh Pyper 
  • Confidential material (minutes of the previous business meeting as well as proposals for membership) are available to view HERE. You must be logged in as a Member to access these documents.
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Publishers are invited to contribute to a virtual book display.

MONDAY 12 July

  • 2.00 pm Committee Meeting
  • 7.15 pm Martti Nissinen — ‘Female Voices in Akkadian Love Poetry and in the Song of Songs’


  • 9.15am Alison Gray –‘Bringing a dead language to life? Teaching and learning Biblical Hebrew’
  • 9.50am Short Comfort Break
  • 10.00am Bill Goodman – ‘”The Time of Singing has Come” – The Lure of the Song of Songs for Today’s Composers and Songwriters’
  • 10.35am Coffee Break
  • 11.15am Deborah Kahn-Harris – ‘Bizarre Love Triangle: Reading the Book of Ruth in the 2020s’
  • 11.50am Short Comfort Break
  • 12.00pm Business Meeting (members only)
  • 1.00pm Lunch and Afternoon Break
  • 4.30pm SOTS Strategic Review Group Update
  • 5.05pm Short Comfort Break
  • 5.15pm Mark Brummitt – ‘Recovering Words: Resilience and the Writing of Wrongs in Jeremiah’
  • 6.00pm Dinner Break
  • 7.15pm Matthew Coomber – ‘Interpreting the Psychology of Privilege: The Modern Relevance of Contempt in the Hebrew Bible’


  • 9.15am Katherine Southwood – ‘Can we talk of comedy in Job?’
  • 9.50am Short Comfort Break
  • 10.00am Constantin Jinga – ‘A first Romanian Septuagint – long story short’
  • 10.35am Coffee Break
  • 11.15am Paul Kurtz – ‘How to Read the Bible Rationally: Making Exegesis ‘Critical’ in the early C19′
  • 11.50pm Short Comfort Break
  • 12.00pm Jon Morgan – ‘Blood and Soil: The Challenge of Ecofascism for Ecological Criticism’
  • 1.00pm Lunch and Afternoon Break
  • 3.30pm Virtual Outing: An Orkney Experience
  • 4.30pm President’s Tea

Domestic Arrangements

There is a subsidised price for those on low incomes or from economically disadvantaged countries. Applications for a further conference grant to assist in meeting the costs of attending the Meeting must reach the Secretary, Dr David Shepherd ( by 11 June. Application forms for grants are available on the SOTS website.

All bookings must be received by Friday 25th June 2021no bookings can be accepted after that date. Bookings can be made by email to with payment made via purchase on the SOTS website shop, by electronic bank transfer, or by a posted cheque (see Booking Form). Card payment is no longer possible. Please note that in making a booking, members render themselves liable for payment of the full cost of that booking, a liability that will be waived only in the light of extenuating circumstances and only when the final conference accounts permit a refund. You may wish to consider taking out insurance on your booking (or check that your annual travel insurance is applicable) to cover the possibility of you having to cancel your booking. You are advised to make a copy of your completed Booking Form for your own records.

General correspondence concerning the affairs of the Society should be sent to the Secretary, Dr David Shepherd, School of Religion, Trinity College Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland (email: Proposals for new members must reach him by 18 June, 2021. Changes of address should be sent to the Membership Secretary, Dr Janet Tollington, 118 Balland Fields, Willingham, Cambridge CB24 5JU (