Summer Meeting 2019

Worcester College, Oxford

confidential material (minutes of the previous business meeting as well as proposals for membership) will be posted here (log-in required) once they are ready.

Worcester College, Oxford, OX1 2HB (see here for a pdf with travel information), and the contact telephone number is (+44) 01865-278300.

22–25 July 2019

Under the presidency of Prof. Susan Gillingham

Printable version of the Programme.  
Booking form (pdf/docx)

Publishers are invited to display books for sale during the Meeting.

Members who have had books published recently are also invited to display copies.

MONDAY 22 July

  • 2.00 pm Committee Meeting
  • 4.30 pm Registration 
  • 6.00 pm Reception sponsored by the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford 
  • 6.30 pm Dinner 
  • 8.15 pm Prof. Herrmann Spieckermann (Göttingen) “ The Masoretic and the Septuagint Psalter: Status Quo and Issues for Future Research”


  •  8.00 am Breakfast 
  • 9.15 am Dr Jenni Williams (Oxford), “Righteous Betrayal: the People Who Helped David” 
  • 10.00 am Dr Adam Hensley (North Adelaide), “A Closer Look at the Postscript of Psalm 72:20” 
  • 10.45 am Coffee 
  • 11.15 am Dr Stefan Attard (Malta), “Overturning Laments: An Assessment of the So-Called Prophetic Perfect Formulations in the Psalms’” 
  • 12 noon Business Meeting (Members only) 
  • 1.00 pm Lunch 
  • 3.00 pm Dr Melody Knowles (Alexandria, VA), “Politics in a Paraphrase: The Treatment of Psalm 132 by Mary Sidney Herbert”
  • 3.45 pm Dr Deborah Rooke (Oxford), “Handel-ing the Psalms: A Reception-Historical Consideration of Handel’s Chandos Anthems
  • 5.00 pm Joint reception with the British Association of Jewish Studies (sponsored by the Centre for the Study of the Bible in the Humanities and the Knapp Foundation)—St Anne’s College 
  • 6.30 pm Dinner 
  • 8.15 pm Prof. William Brown (Decatur, GA), “Job and the ‘Comforting’ Chaos”


  • 8.00 am Breakfast
  • 9.15 am Alun Thomas (Dublin), “Some Aspects of Translation Technique in the Old Greek and Qumran Aramaic (4Q156) Versions of Leviticus”
  • 9.45 am Dr Zanne Domoney-Lyttle (Glasgow), “Of Matriarchs and Motherhood: Patriarchal Strategy in the Reception of Mothers in the Hebrew Bible”
  • 10.15 am Dr Neil Morrison (Belfast), “Mapping the Chronicler’s Doctrine of Retribution within the Hebrew Bible” 
  • 10.45 am Coffee 
  • 11.15 am Dr Zoltán Schwáb (London), “Finding Creation in Ecclesiastes: Chasing after Wind”
  • 12 noon Dr Laura Quick (Oxford), “Through a Glass, Darkly: Mirrors and the Self”
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • 2.00 pm SOTS Outing: Thames River Cruise
  • 4.00 pm President’s Tea (onboard)
  • 6.15 pm Reception (in Cloisters)
  • 6.45 pm Psalms Concert
  • 8.00 pm Gala Dinner


  • 8.00 am Breakfast and depart

Domestic Arrangements

The venue for the Meeting is Worcester College, Oxford, OX1 2HB, and the contact telephone number is (+44) 01865-278300. Please refer to the enclosed travel information for how to get to Worcester College. There is no car parking at the College, so please use the Park & Ride, trains, or buses. Accommodation is limited, so please book early to secure a room; twin rooms are available at a lower cost. Charges for hospitality are shown on the enclosed Booking Form. Members are requested to pay their accounts in full when returning the form but, if necessary, a non-returnable booking fee of £40 will be accepted and the balance will be payable on arrival at the Meeting.

There is a subsidised price for those on low incomes or from economically disadvantaged countries. Applications for a further conference grant to assist in meeting the costs of attending the Meeting must reach the Secretary, Dr David Shepherd ( by 9th May. Application forms for grants are available on the SOTS website.  

All bookings must be received by Wednesday 19th June 2019; no bookings can be accepted after that date. Bookings can be made by email to with payment made via purchase on the SOTS website shop, by electronic bank transfer, or by a posted cheque (see Booking Form). Card payment is no longer possible. Please note that in making a booking, members render themselves liable for payment of the full cost of that booking, a liability that will be waived only in the light of extenuating circumstances and only when the final conference accounts permit a refund. You may wish to consider taking out insurance on your booking (or check that your annual travel insurance is applicable) to cover the possibility of you having to cancel your booking. You are advised to make a copy of your completed Booking Form for your own records. 

General correspondence concerning the affairs of the Society should be sent to the Secretary, Dr David Shepherd, School of Religion, Trinity College Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland (email: Proposals for new members must reach him by 8th May, 2019. Changes of address should be sent to the Membership Secretary, Dr Janet Tollington, 118 Balland Fields, Willingham, Cambridge CB24 5JU (