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Summer Meeting, July 1990

At Crombie House, University of Aberdeen, Monday to Thursday, 16-19 July 1990:

Dr G. I. Davies (Cambridge): Hosea and his Religious Background (geistige Heimat)

Professor D. R. Jones (Longniddry): The Root and the Crown in Isaiah

Dr J. F. M. N. Elwolde (Sheffield): God and Sexuality: Kabbalistic Implications of Get .5.1-2 (Short paper)

Dr A. Chester (Cambridge): Messianism: Eschatology and Political Context

Dr G. Nico (Inverkeithing): The Death of Joab and the Accession of Solomon: Some Observations on the Narrative of 1 Kings 1-2 (Short paper)

Professor J. R. Porter (London): The Reign of Saul: Between Ideology and History

Dr H. McKeating (Bristol): Ezekiel – the Prophet like Moses?

Professor P. Trible (New York): Miriamic Fragments

Professor L. Perlitt (Göttingen)

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