Oudtestamentische Studiën

Oudtestamentische Studiën, which started in 1942 as a publishing outlet for the Old Testament Society in the Netherlands and Belgium, has had a long association with SOTS as the series in which papers from our joint meetings are regularly published. In more recent years the same has applied to meetings with the South African Society. In recognition of this tripartite relationship, Oudtestamentische Studiën now serves as a forum for publication for all three Societies, embracing both monographs and collected studies. The present editor is Hans Ausloos (Louvain-la-Neuve) and also on the editorial board are a representative of each of the three societies; SOTS is currently represented by Hugh Williamson.

The series will consider publishing any form of academically superior work, the first basic condition being that the author(s) must be a member of one of the Societies. All submissions are independently reviewed by at least two members of the editorial board. Doctoral dissertations can be considered, though preference may be given to monographs by established scholars. Manuscripts or preliminary inquiries by members of SOTS may be sent either to Professor Ausloos or to the SOTS representative on the board.

Volumes published to date in the series include the following works by SOTS members:

  • Willem Smelik, The Targum of Judges (1995)
  • Bob Becking and Hans Barstad (eds), Prophecy and Prophets in Stories: Papers Read at the Fifth Meeting of the Edinburgh Prophecy Network, Utrecht, October 2013 (2015)
  • Megan Warner, Re-Imagining Abraham: A Re-Assessment of the Influence of Deuteronomism in Genesis (2018)
  • Brittany Melton, Where is God in the Megilloth? A Dialogue on the Ambiguity of Divine Presence and Absence (2018)
  • Jennifer L. Andruska, Wise and Foolish Love in the Song of Songs (2019)
  • Cat Quine, Casting Down the Host of Heaven: The Rhetoric of Ritual Failure in the Polemic against the Host of Heaven (2020)

The proceedings volumes of Joint SOTS/OTW Meetings are:

  • The Witness of Tradition [Woudschoten 1970], ed. Adam van der Woude (1972)
  • Language and Meaning: Studies in Hebrew Language and Biblical Exegesis [London 1973], ed. James Barr (1974)
  • Instruction and Interpretation: Studies in Hebrew Language, Palestinian Archaeology and Biblical Exegesis [Louvain 1976], ed. Adam van der Woude (1977)
  • Remembering All The Way [Cambridge 1979, plus additional essays on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of OTW], ed. Adam van der Woude (1981)
  • Prophets, Worship, and Theodicy: Studies in Prophetism, Biblical Theology, and Structural and Rhetorical Analysis, and on the Place of Music in Worship [Woudschoten 1982], ed. Adam van der Woude (1984)
  • Crises and Perspectives: Studies in Ancient Near Eastern Polytheism, Biblical Theology, Palestinian Archaeology and Intertestamental Literature [Cambridge 1985], ed. Adam van der Woude (1986)
  • In Quest of the Past: Studies in Israelite Religion, Literature and Prophetism [Elspeet 1988], ed. Adam van der Woude (1990)
  • Synchronic or Diachronic? A Debate on Method in Old Testament Exegesis (Kampen 1994], ed. Johannes C. de Moor (1995)
  • Intertextuality in Ugarit and Israel [Oxford 1997], ed. Johannes C. de Moor (1998)
  • The Elusive Prophet: The Prophet as a Historical Person, Literary Character and Anonymous Artist [Soesterberg 2000], ed. Johannes C. de Moor (2001)
  • The Old Testament in Its World [Cambridge 2003], ed. Robert P. Gordon and Johannes C. de Moor (2005)
  • Psalms and Prayers [Apeldoorn 2006], ed. Bob Becking and Eric Peels (2007)
  • Between Evidence and Ideology: Essays on the History of Ancient Israel [Lincoln 2009], ed. Bob Becking and Lester L. Grabbe (2011)
  • Goochem in Mokum, Wisdom in Amsterdam: Papers on Biblical and Related Wisdom [Amsterdam 2012], ed. George J. Brooke and Pierre van Hecke (2016)
  • Torah and Tradition [Edinburgh 2015], ed. Klaas Spronk and Hans Barstad (2017)
  • Violence in the Hebrew Bible: Between Text and Reception [Groningen 2018], ed. Jacques van Ruiten and Koert van Bekkum (2020)

To purchase copies of volumes in the series, please see the Brill website.