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Winter Meeting 2023

Katharine Dell (Cambridge) “Covenant and wisdom: Arguing with a premise from absence” 

Moritz Adam (Zurich) “Reflections upon History in Ecclesiastes and its Context in the Hellenistic Period” 

Megan Daffern (Cambridge) “Talking to yourself? The Psalms and Self-Address in the HB/OT” 

David Firth (Bristol) “A Poem of Two Contexts: Psalms 40:13-17 and 70 in their Canonical Setting”  

Kirsi Cobb (Calver, Derbyshire) “Filling in the gaps: reading Hosea 1-3 with contemporary fiction writers” 

Paul Joyce (London) “False Hope and Inappropriate Optimism: Fresh Light on the Prophets from Psychology and Cognitive Science” 

Nathan Eddy (London) “When the Prophet says No: Reading Ps 77 with Dan Pagis” 

Anselm Hagedorn (Osnabrüch) “Prophecy and Hellenism. Some thoughts on (very) late prophetic texts” 

Peter Hatton (Bristol) “Berith as Treaty: Towards a Biblical Theology of Conflict Resolution” 

Suzanna Millar (Edinburgh) “Like the cattle, so the chattel: Animal domestication and slavery in ancient Israel and its context” 

Philip Jenson (Cambridge) “Incomparability: An alternative to mathematical monotheism” 


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