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Winter Meeting 2022

Charlotte Hempel (Birmingham) – ‘The Legacy of the People of the Land in the Dead Sea Scrolls’

Stuart Weeks (Durham) – ‘Why Do We Read Qohelet the Ways We Do?’

William Tooman (St. Andrews) – ‘Genesis 34 and the Law’

Lindsey Askin (Bristol) – ‘Bone Diseases in the Hebrew Bible’

Nathan MacDonald (Cambridge) – ‘The Making of the Tabernacle and the Construction of Priestly Hegemony’

Sandra Jacobs (London) – ‘Women in Deuteronomy: From Assyria to the Battlegrounds of Sparta’

Ellie Lyell (Exeter) – ‘Red, Red Wine: Colour and Consumption in the Hebrew Bible’

Gary Rendsburg (New Brunswick, NJ) – ‘The Genesis of Genesis’

Hindy Najman (Oxford) – ‘Poetic Cycles and Processes of Perfection: Hodayot and Biblical “Rewriting”

Drew Longacre (Groningen) – ‘Paleographic Style and the Forms and Functions of the Dead Sea Psalm Scrolls’

Anja Klein (Edinburgh) – ‘Resilience in the Three Major Prophets – A New Approach to a Hebrew Scriptures Theology’

George Brooke (Manchester) – ‘Some Issues in Comparative Studies and the Bible: Multiplicity and Uniqueness’

Summer Meeting 2022 

Liane Feldman (New York) “Unthinking Sacrifice in Second Temple Jewish Literature” 

Gert Kwakkel (Kampen / Aix-en-Provence) “‘A Kingdom of Priests’: An Enigmatic Element in God’s Promises to Israel in Exodus 19:5-6” 

Ekaterina Kozlova (London) “2 Samuel and the Architecture of Poetic Justice”

Jan-Wim Wesselius (Kampen) “Contradiction as an Essential Literary Aspect of the Hebrew Bible’s Primary History” 

Nozipho Princess S. Dlodlo (Durban) “A Critical Reading of Selected Scenes from 1–2 Samuel with reference to Masculinity Construction”

Michaël N. van der Meer (Amsterdam) “The Ideological Background of the Books of Chronicles” 

Charlene van der Walt (Durban) “‘We are family! Until we are not.’ Reflecting on Joseph in the context of Izitabane vulnerability…”

Roger Nam (Atlanta) “The Economics of Diaspora” 

Ellen van Wolde (Nijmegen) “Should Amos 4:13 really be understood as a hymn of creation?” 

Philip Yoo (Vancouver) “Rethinking “Pentateuch” and “Hexateuch”: A Modest Proposal”

Carly L. Crouch (Nijmegen) “Identity’s Shifting Sands: Israel and Judah in the Sixth Century BCE” 

Martin Goodman (Oxford) “Herod and the Hebrew Bible” 

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