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Winter Meeting 2021

Prof Hugh Paper, ‘Old Testament Studies after Covid-19? Precedents for Dealing with the Unprecedented’

Megan Warner, ‘Are You Indeed to Reign Over Us? Politics in Genesis 37-50’ 

Mark Awabdy, ‘Is Leviticus Ironic? Exploring Narratival and Priestly Ironies in the Centre of the Torah’ 

James Patrick, ‘Target Practice with David’s Bronze Bow: Reading 2 Sam 1:17-27 Concentrically’ 

Douglas Earl, ‘Divine and Human Violence in the Historical Books’ 

Kyong-Jin Lee, ‘Human Nature and Politics: A Modern Political-Theoretical Reading of Esther’ 

Carol Newsom, ‘Theory of Mind in Israelite Narrative and Its Implications for a History of the Self’ 

Magnar Kartveit, ‘The Significance of the Pre-Samaritan texts and the Mt Gerizim Finds for Biblical Studies’ 

Olga Fabrikant-Burke, ‘The Scribal Invention of False Prophecy of Salvation in the Book of Jeremiah’ 

Philip Alexander, ‘Recent Trends in the Study of the Aramaic Targumim’ 

Rebekah Welton, ‘“Know Well the Faces of your Sheep”: Animals in Ancient Israelite Households’ 

Summer Meeting 2021 

Martti Nissinen – ‘Female Voices in Akkadian Love Poetry and in the Song of Songs’ 

Alison Gray – ‘Bringing a dead language to life? Teaching and learning Biblical Hebrew ’ 

Bill Goodman – ‘“The Time of Singing has Come” – The Lure of the Song of Songs for Today’s Composers and Songwriters’ 

Mark Brummitt – ‘Recovering Words: Resilience and the Writing of Wrongs in Jeremiah’ 

Matthew Coomber – ‘Interpreting the Psychology of Privilege: The Modern Relevance of Contempt in the Hebrew Bible’ 

Katherine Southwood – ‘Can we talk of comedy in Job?’ 

Constantin Jinga – ‘A first Romanian Septuagint – long story short’ 

Paul Kurtz – ‘How to Read the Bible Rationally: Making Exegesis ‘Critical’ in the early C19’ 

Anne Jeffers – ‘Re-enchanting the Bible and the New Animism’ 

 Jon Morgan – ‘Blood and Soil: The Challenge of Ecofascism for Ecological Criticism’ 

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