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Winter Meeting 2019 

Susan Gillingham (Oxford) “Bifocal reading: Textual Analysis and a Critical Imagination in Biblical Studies”

John Goldingay (Oxford), “On Reading Genesis 49” 

Siobhán Dowling-Long (Cork), “An Exploration of Biblical Pathos Through Music” 

Ekaterina Kozlova (London), “Acedic Kingship in ANE: Gilgamesh and David as Paradigmatic Kings of ‘Unfocused Energy’” 

Katharine Dell (Cambridge), “‘The Lord loved Him’ (2 Sam 12:24): Solomon as idealized character and paradigm for character ethics within the ‘Solomonic’ canon” 

Holly Morse (Manchester), “Seeing Sense: Prophetic Visuality as a Response to Trauma” 

John Jarick (Oxford), “God as Gambler”

Joseph Blenkinsopp (South Bend), “Re-Reading Isaiah in the Light of Psalms”

James Aitken (Cambridge), “The Idea of the Septuagint” 

Alastair Hunter (Glasgow), “Transports of Delight: Adventures in Psalms Translation”

Summer Meeting 2019 

Herrmann Spieckermann (Göttingen) “The Masoretic and the Septuagint Psalter: Status Quo and Issues for Future Research”

Jenni Williams (Oxford), “Righteous Betrayal: the People Who Helped David”

Adam Hensley (North Adelaide), “A Closer Look at the Postscript of Psalm 72:20”

Stefan Attard (Malta), “Overturning Laments: An Assessment of the So-Called Prophetic Perfect Formulations in the Psalms”

Melody Knowles (Alexandria, VA), “Politics in a Paraphrase: The Treatment of Psalm 132 by Mary Sidney Herbert”

Deborah Rooke (Oxford), “Handel-ing the Psalms: A Reception-Historical Consideration of Handel’s Chandos Anthems

William Brown (Decatur, GA), “Job and the ‘Comforting’ Chaos”

Alun Thomas (Dublin), “Some Aspects of Translation Technique in the Old Greek and Qumran Aramaic (4Q156) Versions of Leviticus”

Zanne Domoney-Lyttle (Glasgow), “Of Matriarchs and Motherhood: Patriarchal Strategy in the Reception of Mothers in the Hebrew Bible”

Neil Morrison (Belfast), “Mapping the Chronicler’s Doctrine of Retribution within the Hebrew Bible”

Zoltán Schwáb (London), “Finding Creation in Ecclesiastes: Chasing after Wind”

Laura Quick (Oxford), “Through a Glass, Darkly: Mirrors and the Self”

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