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Winter Meeting 1996

Theme: The Hebrew Bible in a Postmodern Age

At University House, Birmingham, Wednesday to Friday, 3-5 January 1996

Professor David J. A. Clines (Sheffield): The Pyramid and the Net: Old Testament Studies in a Postmodern Age (Presidential Paper)

Professor Catherine Belsey (Cardiff): The Postmodern Condition

Professor Carol A. Newsom (Atlanta): The Book of Job as Polyphonic

Revd Dr John Goldingay (Nottingham): Postmodernizing Eve and Adam (can I have my apricot as well as eating it?)

Dr Hugh S. Pyper (Leeds): The Bible in Bloom (Short Paper)

Dr Craig Y. S. Ho (Hong Kong): A New Solution to the Problem of the ‘blind and the lame’ in 2 Samuel 5:6-8 (Short Paper)

Professor Robert P. Carroll (Glasgow): Under Erasure: The Bible as a Premodern Book in a Postmodern Time

Professor J. Cheryl Exum (Sheffield): Ruth in Postmodern Perspective: ‘Viewing’ a Biblical Story and Its Cultural Appropriation

Professor Michael Goulder (Birmingham): The Songs of Ascents and Nehemiah

Summer Meeting 1996

Special theme: The Quality of Life in Ancient Israel

At Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield, from Tuesday to Friday, 16-19 July 1996

Professor Bernhard Lang (Paderborn): God and the Good Life in Ancient Israel

Plenary session on Health— Chair: Professor John Rogerson

A. Family — Chair: Dr Athalya Brenner

B. Learning — Chair: Professor Philip Davies

C. Power Chair — Dr Walter Houston

Professor David M. Gunn (Fort Worth: Texas): Bathing and Privacy: or What is Bathsheba doing and What does it mean?

Open Forum: The Quality of Life in Ancient Israel — Chair: The President, Professor David J. A. Clines

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