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Winter Meeting 1995

At Harris Manchester College, Oxford, Tuesday to Thursday: 3-5 January 1995

Professor Gwilym H. Jones (Bangor): Bible Translation – Some Second Thoughts (Presidential Paper)

Dr Michael E. W. Thompson (Bishop Auckland): Intercession in the Old Testament (Short Paper)

Miss Catrin H. Williams (Bangor): Who May Pronounce ‘ani hu’? (Short Paper)

Dr Walter Moberly (Durham): To Hear the Masters Voice (1 Samuel 3)

Dr Eryl W. Davies (Bangor): A Mathematical Conundrum: The Problem of the Large Numbers in Numbers 1 and 26

Dr Stefan C. Reif (Cambridge): William Robertson Smith on Jews and Judaism

Dr Susan E. Gillingham (Oxford): Moses and Egypt, David and Zion: The Exodus Traditions in Israelite Psalmody

Summer Meeting 1995

At Neuadd John Morris Jones, University of Wales: Bangor, Monday to Thursday, 10-13 July 1995

Dr Gareth Lloyd Jones (Bangor): Paul of Burgos and the adversus Judaeos tradition

Professor Timo Veijola (Helsinki): The History of the Passover in the Light of Deuteronomy 16:1-8

Professor J. Alberto Soggin (Rome): The Geographical Horizons of the Joseph Story and of the Oppression in Egypt (short paper)

Professor William H. Bellinger, Jr (Waco. Texas): Psalm 61 A Rhetorical Analysis

Dr Martin O’Kane (Birmingham): Isaiah: a prophet in the footsteps of Moses

Professor John Van Seters (Chapel Hill. North Carolina): The Chronicler’s Account of Solomon’s Temple Building: A Continuity Theme

The Revd Bryan J. Paradise (East Horsley): Adam the gardener? Terms and Conditions (short paper)

Ms Carol Smith (Oxford): Samson and Delilah: a Parable of Power? (short paper)

Professor Daniel L. Smith-Christopher (Los Angeles): Lakota (Sioux) Interpretations of Daniel: A Report on ‘Field Work’ in Critical Biblical Analysis (short paper)

Professor Menahem Haran (Jerusalem): The Canonization of the Old Testament: A Process of Selection or Collection?

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