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Winter Meeting 1994

At Queen Elizabeth Hall, Kensington, London, Tuesday to Thursday, 4-6 January 1994

Professor J. C. L. Gibson (Edinburgh): The Waw Consecutive (Presidential Paper)

Dr R. S. Fyall (Durham): ‘Though he slay me: yet will I trust in him’: Yahweh, Mot and Behemoth in the Book of Job (Short Paper)

Dr C. M. Pilkington (Canterbury): The hidden God in Isaiah 45:15; A reflection from Holocaust Theology (Short Paper)

Dr A. G. Auld (Edinburgh): Reading Joshua after Kings

Professor D. J. A. Clines (Sheffield): The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew

Dr J. Goldingay (Nottingham): Isaiah 40ff in the 1890s and the 1990s

Professor J. Barton (Oxford): Historical Criticism and Literary Interpretation: Is there any common ground?

Summer Meeting 1994

At the Pollock Halls of Residence, University of Edinburgh, Monday to Thursday, 18-21 July 1994

Professor R. Davidson (Bearsden): Isaiah 40.6-8 in Translation and Tradition

Professor J. C. Exum (Sheffield): What Does Judges Say to Women?

Dr H. A. McKay (Ormskirk): Sarahs Laughter Silenced: Reinscription of Patriarchy in New Testament Images of Hebrew Women

Dr J. Munro (Strasbourg): Metaphor in the Song of Songs

Rev Dr J. Goldinay: A Masculinist Reading of Hosea 6:1-3

Dr C. Bultmann (Göttingen): Creation at the Beginning of History: J. G. Herder’s Interpretation of Genesis 1

Dr K. J. Dell (Oxford): Green Ideas in the Wisdom Tradition

Dr R. W. E. Forrest (Lennoxville): Creation and Destruction: The Earthquake Imagery in Amos

The Revd J. B. Geyer (Dundee): Devastation in the Zion Theology

Dr M. Butterworth (London): Selected Structural Soundings in Isaiah

Dr P. R. Davies and Professor J. W. Rogerson (Sheffield): Was the Siloam Tunnel Built by Hezekiah? (Illustrated)

Dr J. N Lawson (Folkestone): The God who Reveals Secrets: A Consideration of a Mesopotamian Background to Daniel 2.47

Professor A. Malamat (Jerusalem): The Exodus: Egyptian Analogies

Dr I. W. Provan (Edinburgh): Ideologies: Literary and Critical: Some Reflections on the Newer Histories of Israel

Mrs M Barker (Borrowash): Atonement

Professor A. Brenner (Haifa): Who’s Afraid of Feminist Criticism? Who’s Afraid of Humour in the Bible? The Case of the Obtuse Foreign Ruler

Professor I. Campbell (Edinburgh): Scott and Scripture

Professor D. Pardee (Chicago): Marzihu, Kispu and the Ugaritic Funerary Cult: A Minimalist View

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