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Winter Meeting 1993

At Queen Elizabeth Hall, Kensington, London, Tuesday to Thursday, 5-7 January 1993

Revd R. J. Coggins (London): The Society in the Remainder of the Century (Presidential Paper)

Dr J. G. Campbell (Lampeter): The Older Testament and Essene Origins

Dr D. M. Sidebottom (Oldham): Security and Refuge in the Psalms of Zion

Dr C. I. Knights (Chichester): The Original Language and Old Testament Basis of The History of the Rechabites

Dr N. L Collins (Leeds): The Deliberate Use of Themes from Exodus in the Esther Tale

D G. A. Khan (Cambridge): Recent Advances in Our Knowledge of the Pronunciation of Biblical Hebrew

Professor D. J. A. Clines (Sheffield): The Ten Commandments: Reading from Left to Right

Dr P. E. Satterthwaite (Transkei): Monarchy: Ideology and Old Testament Interpretation

Dr H. Pyper (Leeds): The Implications of Biblical Parody: Texts and Readers ‘beside themselves’

Dr A. Kuhrt (London): The Case Study in Problems Interpretation Reign of Xerxes: A Case Study of Evidence and Interpretation

Professor W. G. Lambert (Birmingham): Genesis 14 in its Ancient Near Eastern Context

Dr K. W. Whitelam (Stirling): The Politics of History: Perceptions of Israel’s Past

Summer Meeting 1993

At St Lukes Campus, University of Exeter, Monday to Wednesday: 19-21 July 1993

Revd A. A. Macintosh (Cambridge): Towards an ICC on Hosea: The Prophets Language

Rt Revd Dr G. W. Ashby (Leicester): The Bloody Bridegroom: A Contribution to the Interpretation of Exodus 4.24-26

Dr P. J. Harland (Folkestone): hamas in Genesis 6.11-13

Professor J. Blenkinsopp (Notre Dame): Ecclesiastes 3.2: An Alternative Reading

Miss M. F. Lloyd Davies (Saffron Walden): Murder Before the Lord: the Deaths of Nadab and Abihu

Mr A. G. Hunter (Glasgow): Jonah from the Whale: A Study in Intertextuality

Professor M. D. Goulder (Birmingham): Asaphs History of Israel (Elohist Press, Bethel, 725 BCE)

Dr S. B. Dawes (Truro): Shapes, Endings and Theology in the Hebrew Bible

Dr W. J. Houston (Cambridge): David, Asaph and the Mighty Works of God

Dr L. L. Grabbe (Hull): Divine Rights Or How to Make God Work for You

Professor J. A. Soggin (Rome): Joseph ­ On One of the Most Beautiful Stories of the Hebrew Bible

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