Meetings 1992 2

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Winter Meeting 1992

At Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield, Tuesday to Thursday, 17-19 December, 1991

Dr A. J. H. Mayes (Dublin): On Describing the Purpose of Deuteronomy (Presidential Paper)

Revd F. R. Tomes (Manchester): The Reason for the Syro-Ephraimite War

Mr D. J. Chalcraft (Dept of Sociology: Oxford Polytechnic): For a Sociological Imagination in Old Testament Studies: Some Reflections on the Analysis of Deviance and Health (Short Paper)

Ms H. A. M Kay (Sheffield): When did the Sabbath become a Day of Worship? (Short Paper)

Prof. J. R. Bartlett (Dublin): Edom: Early Explorers and Map-Makers

Prof. R. P. Carroll (Glasgow): Shadows on the Text: The Crowd behind and the Crowd in front of the Hebrew Bible. Some observations on the Sociological Study of the Bible

Dr C. S. Rodd (Emsworth): Old Testament Ethics: Problems and Principles

Dr P. B. Dirksen (Leiden): The Peshitta in Old Testament Textual Criticism

Summer Meeting 1992

At Trinity College, Dublin, Monday to Thursday, 13-16 July 1992

Professor N. Lohfink, SJ (Frankfurt): The Voices in Deuteronomy 2

D. M. McNamara, MSC (Milltown Institute: Dublin): Irish Biblical Apocrypha

D. J. G. McConville (Wycliffe Hall, Oxford): Time: space and ‘place’ in Deuteronomy

Professor K. J. Cathcart (University College, Dublin): Deuteronomy 28 and the Neo-Assyrian and Aramaic Treaties

Professor M. Hengel (Tübingen): The Scriptures and their Interpretation in Second Temple Judaism

Professor S. A. Kaufman (Cincinnati): Dating the Language of the Palestinian Targums and their Use in the Study of First Century C.E. Texts

Professor G. H. Jones (Bangor): From Abijam to Abijah

Professor D. F. Morgan (Berkeley): From Wisdom to Torah: The Pedagogy of the age

Dr T. J. Dennis (Salisbury): Who does what, and with what effect? Heroes and Heroines in Exodus

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