Meetings 1991 2

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Winter Meeting 1991

At Wellington Hall, Westminster, London, Wednesday to Friday, 2-4 January 1991:

Revd Dr A. Gelston (Durham): Presidential Address: Universalism in Second Isaiah

Revd J. G. Snaith (Cambridge): An Ascetic Qohelet in Syriac Writers?

Dr Judith Lieu (London): Can Sarah be saved?

Revd M.D. Gray (Richmond): Psalm 106.l5b: Did the Children of Israel get what they asked for?

Mr A. R. Millard (Liverpool): Leviticus and the Late Bronze Age

The Revd R. J. Coggins (London): The Minor Prophets: One Book or Twelve?

Professor J. C. L. Gibson (Edinburgh): Thoughts on Revising A. B. Davidson’s Hebrew Syntax

Summer Meeting 1991

At Grey College, Durham, Tuesday to Friday, 16-19 July 1991

Gen. 1-3 in post-biblical Hebrew and Aramaic Literature: before the Mishnah (Introduced by Prof. G. Vermes)

Gen. 1-3 in Greek Jewish Literature (Introduced by Ms Piroska Hajnal and Dr M.D. Goulder)

Gen. 1-3 in Rabbinic and Mystical Literature (Introduced by Dr P.S. Alexander)

Gen. 1-3 in Modern Jewish and Christian Interpretation (Introduced by Dr N. Solomon and Dr Grace I. Emmerson)

Dr M.D. Koster (Leiden): Peshitta Revisited: A Reassessment of its Value as a Version

Professor K. A. D. Smelik (Brussels): The Portrayal of King Manasseh: Texts and Traditions

Revd D. J. Lane (Mirfield): Text: Scholar and Church: the Place of the Leiden Peshitta within the Context of Scholastically and Ecclesiastically Definitive Editions

Professor A. van der Kooij (Leiden): The Story of David and Goliath: The Early History of its Text

Dr B. E. J. H. Becking (Utrecht): Jeremiah’s Book of Consolation: A Textual Comparison of the Old Greek and Masoretic Versions

Dr R. P. Gordon (Cambridge): Dialogue and Disputation in the Targum to the Prophets

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