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How to contribute to the SOTS Wiki in How to Contribute
Sep 19th 20

Contributors to the SOTS Wiki must be members in good standing of SOTS. Any SOTS members wishing to contribute to the SOTS Wiki should contact the Editor, Professor George Brooke . Other users of the ...

Twelve Tribes of Israel in Biblical Characters
Aug 5th 20

See Israel.

Twelve Tribes of Israel
Zion in Biblical Places
Aug 5th 20

This is a holding page. Meanwhile, visit Bible Odyssey.

Zerubbabel in Biblical Characters
Aug 5th 20

Zerubbabel was the Persian-appointed governor of Yehud (post-exilic Judah), a province of the Persian Empire, in the early part of the reign of Darius I (from 522 BCE). He is assumed to have been born ...

Zadok in Biblical Characters
Aug 5th 20

Zadok is an elusive biblical character. He appears as a dramatis persona in only two places in the Hebrew Bible: in the David Narrative in the so-called Deuteronomistic history (DtrH) (2 Samuel, 1 ...

Yhwh in Definitions
Aug 5th 20

Texts and contextsThe name ‘Yhwh’, vocalized, normally, ‘Yahweh’, occurs some 6,877 times in the Hebrew Bible in 5,815 verses (in Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, the standard edition of the Bible u ...

Yehud in Biblical Places
Aug 5th 20

NameYehud is the Aramaic version of ‘Judah’ (Hebrew Yehudah). In the Persian empire, where Aramaic was the common language of the western part of the empire, it was the name of the administrative pro ...

Writings in Book Groupings
Aug 5th 20

The ‘Writings’ represents Ketubim (Hebrew for ‘writings’), the third section of the Hebrew Bible. This section, also known as Hagiographa (Greek for the ‘holy writings’), includes everything ...

Typology in Critical Approaches
Aug 5th 20

Typology (‘study of type’) in biblical exegesis is a method of biblical interpretation whereby an element in the Old Testament is seen to prefigure one in a later part of the Old Testament (the Jew ...

Shiloh in Biblical Places
Aug 5th 20

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