Honorary Member: Professor Thomas Römer

Professor Thomas Römer

Professor, Chair and President of the Collège de France

Professor Römer is also Professor Emeritus of the University of Lausanne, where he taught from 1993- 2020. He holds a Doctorate honoris causa of the University of Tel Aviv (2015) and is Associate Professor of the University of Pretoria. In 2018 he was made Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur. In 2022 he received a ‘Dr. h.c.’ from the Catholic University of Lyon, and also in 2022  was recognized as ‘Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres’ by the Ministry of Culture.  He has recently been re-elected  as President of the Collège de France.    His current research covers the formation of the Torah, the question of the so-called Deuteronomistic History and its social and historical setting, and the relation between the literary and archaeological approaches to the Hebrew Bible. He is co-director with Israel Finkelstein and Christophe Nicolle of the excavation in Kiriath Jearim (Israel).  He is one of the main editors of the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception and chief editor of Ancient Israel and Its Literature (SBL, Atlanta) and has produced over 20 single-authored works, 30 edited books and some 100 articles. In June 2023, Professor Römer formally received, from the French Minister of Culture, the decoration ‘Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres’, which is the highest distinction in cultural affairs.


Email: thomas.romer@college-de-france.fr

Wesbite: https://www.college-de-france.fr/site/thomas-romer/index.htm


Select Publications

Römer, T., Une Bible peut en cacher une autre. Le conflit des récits  with Frédéric Boyer (Paris : Bayard, 2021).

Römer, T., Dieu obscur. La sexe, la cruauté et la violence dans l’Ancient Testament (Geneva: Labor et Fides, 1996).  (3rd ed. 2009, translated into Spanish, Italian, Czech, Korean, English, and Japanese [in preparation]).

Römer, T., The So-Called Deuteronomistic History: A Sociological, Historical and Literary Introduction (London and New York: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2005).  (Translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean).

Römer, T., L’invention de Dieu (Les livres du nouveau monde;  Paris: Seuil, 2014).  (Translated into English, Portuguese, Romanian, German, Italian and Korean [in preparation]).

Römer, T. and Finkelstein, I., Aux origines de la Torah. Nouvelles rencontres, nouvelles perspectives (Paris: Bayard, 2019).

Römer, T. and Chabbi, J. (eds.), Dieu de la Bible, Dieu du Coran. Entretiens avec Jean-Louis Schlegel (Paris: Seuil, 2020);  pocket edition 2022.