Honorary Members

The Society currently has 14 honorary members. Honorary membership is bestowed onto scholars from around the world as a recognition of the excellence of their work. Currently, the following scholars are Honorary members of the society (in alphabetic order).


Professor Athalya Brenner-Idan

Dr. Walter Brueggemann

Tamara Cohn Eskenazi, Ph.D., Rabbi

Professor Michael Fox

Dr. Norman C. Habel

Professor Dr. Reinhard Kratz

Professor Dr. Bernhard Lang

Professor Carol A. Newsom

Professor Kirsten Nielsen

Professor Martti Nissinen

Professor Thomas Römer

Professor Bernd Schipper

Professor Rudolf Smend

Professor Dr Ellen van Wolde


The Guidelines for the Nomination of Honorary Members can be found in the members’ space here (login required). Please send any nominations to the secretary for honorary members, Prof Susan Gillingham (email).

Former honorary members include:

Frank Cross (1921-2012)
Rolf Rendtorff  (1924–2014)
Menahem Haran (1924–2015)
Otto Kaiser  (1924–2017)
Eduard Nielsen (1923–2017)
Bertil Albrektson (1929–2021)
Norman Gottwald (1926-2022) In Memoriam by Walter Brueggemann here.
Johannes Cornelis de Moor (1935-2023)
Tryggve Mettinger (1940-2023)
Sara Japhet (1934-2024)