Summer Meeting

Summer Meeting 2016

Hulme Hall, University of Manchester confidential material (minutes of the previous business meeting as well as proposals for membership) can be found here (log-in required). Hulme Hall, Manchester, M14 5RR (see here for a googlemaps link; and here for a pdf with a description of how to get to Hulme hall). 25-28 July 2016 Under the presidency of Dr Adrian […]

Summer Meeting 2015

Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh 20th-23rd July 2015 Under the presidency of Professor Hans Barstad Here are some pictures of the well-deserved Festschrift for Hans presented to him at the Summer meeting. Printable Version of the SOTS/OTW Programme. Booking form for the Summer Meeting (word / pdf) The venue for all […]

Summer Meeting 2014

St Hilda’s College, Oxford 21st–24th July 2014, followed by a one-day conference on 24th July Under the presidency of Professor John Day Printable Version of the SOTS programme The Booking form for the SOTS meeting Travel information and directions to St. Hilda’s College The venue for all sessions is the Jacqueline du Pré Music […]

Meetings 2014

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2014 (abstracts) Prof. John Day (Oxford), “Problems in the Interpretation of the Story of the Garden of Eden” (Presidential Address) Dr David Reimer (Edinburgh) “The Language of Psalm 119” Dr Stuart Weeks (Durham) “Googling Qohelet” Dr Madhavi Nevader (Oxford) “On Reading Adam Royally” Dr Sandra Jacobs (London) “Methodological Paradigms and ‘Parallelomania’ in the Study of Comparative […]

Meetings 2013

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2013 (abstracts) Dr Eryl W. Davies (Bangor) “Ideology and Constructions of the ‘History of Israel’” (Presidential Address) Dr Janet Tollington (Cambridge) “Reading Ruth in Dialogue with Torah” Dr Jenni Williams (Oxford) “Childlessness in the Hebrew Bible” Dr Christopher Meredith (Sheffield) “On Lovers and Labyrinths: Revisiting […]

Meetings 2011

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2011 (abstracts) Prof. John Sawyer (Perugia): The divine hinneni ‘Here I am’ in the Book of Isaiah (Presidential Address) Prof. Bernhard Lang (Paderborn): Voltaire, Goethe, and Joseph in Egypt: An Essay on the Bible in the Eighteenth Century Dr Walter Houston (Manchester): The Scribe and his […]

Meetings 2010

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2010 (abstracts) Professor Cheryl Exum (Sheffield): The Arts and the Exegete (Presidential Address) Professor Ellen van Wolde (Nijmegen): The verb bara’ and the collocation tohu wabohu in Genesis 1:1–2:4a Dr Jonathan Stökl (Cambridge): (No) Prophetesses in Ezekiel 13: Reconsidering ‘the daughters of your people, who prophesy’ Dr Susan Gillingham (Oxford): Psalms 1 […]

Meetings 2009

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2009 (abstracts) Professor Lester Grabbe (Hull): The Case of the Corrupting Consensus (Presidential Address) Professor Mark Geller (London): Divination in Ancient Palestine: The View from Babylonia Professor Kristin De Troyer (St Andrews): David’s Affair with Bathsheba: Text-Critical Remarks Dr James West (Petros): Tangled Web: The Internet, the Old […]

Meetings 2008

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2008 (abstracts) Professor John Barton (Oxford): Prophecy and Theodicy (Presidential Address) Professor David Clines (Sheffield): Psalm 23 and Method Dr Helen Kraus (Oxford): The Story of Andrew and Zoë: Gender Issues in the Septuagint Translation of Genesis 1–4 Dr David Firth (Calver): David and Uriah (with occasional […]

Meetings 2007

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2007 (abstracts) Professor Philip Davies (Sheffield): ‘Apocalyptic’: An Otherworldly Tour through the Hebrew Bible (and Beyond) (Presidential Address) Dr Eric Christianson (Chester): ‘Lights, Camera, Achsah!’? On Comparing the Hebrew Bible to Film Dr Ian Wilson (Cambridge): Central Sanctuary or Local Settlement? The Location of the Triennial Tithe […]