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Meetings 2018

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2018 (abstracts) Walter Moberly (Durham), ‘Thinking about God: A Reading of Psalm 82’ Rebecca Watson (Cambridge), ‘”Thrown into the Sea”: An Ecologically Damaging Concept in the Hebrew Bible?’ Philip Jenson (Cambridge), ‘Is there a Holiness Code and does it matter?’ William Ford (Belfast), ‘”Like the […]

Summer Meeting 2018

St John’s College, Durham 16–19 July 2018 Under the presidency of Prof. Walter Moberly Printable version of the Programme. MONDAY 16 July 2.00 pm Committee Meeting 4.30 pm Registration 6.00 pm Reception (sponsored by the Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University) 6.30 pm Dinner 8.15 pm Professor Brent Strawn […]