Yearly archives: 2015

Meeting 2004

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2004 (abstracts) Professor Hugh Williamson (Oxford): ‘Do We Still Need Commentaries?’ (Presidential Address) Dr Keith Grüneberg (Pangbourne): ‘Genesis 12:3: New Linguistic Insight into an Old Problem’ Dr Ann Jeffers (London): ‘Laughing at Abraham: Parody in the Testament of Abraham’ Dr Paul Joyce (Oxford): ‘A New Heaven or […]

meetings 2003

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2003 (abstracts) At Manor House, University of Birmingham, January 6th-8th Theme: The Hebrew Bible against its Ancient Near Eastern Background Robert Gordon (Cambridge), ‘Comparativism and the God of Israel’ (Presidential Paper) Dr Janet Tollington (Cambridge), ‘Abraham and His Wives: Status and Culture’ Dr Anselm […]

meetings 2002

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2002 (abstracts) At Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield, 2nd – 4th January 2002 Professor John Bartlett (Dublin), ‘Between Scylla and Charybdis’ (Presidential Paper) Professor Michael Knibb (London), ‘The Book of the Watchers in its Context’ Professor Robert Hayward (Durham), ‘Days without Number: Jacob, Israel, […]

Meetings 2001

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2001 (abstracts) At Devonshire Hall, University of Leeds, 3-5 January, 2001 Professor Michael Goulder (Birmingham): ‘My Servant Jehoiachin’ (Presidential Paper) Professor John Sawyer (Lancaster): ‘The Prophet of Consolation: Isaiah in the History of Judaism’ Dr Mary Mills (London): ‘Moral Perspectives in Old Testament Narrative’ […]

Meetings 2000

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2000 (abstracts) Professor Joseph Blenkinsopp (Notre Dame): ‘The Prophetic Biography of Isaiah’ (Presidential Address) Mr Mark Vincent (Durham): ‘The Call of Isaiah and the Vision of the Seraphim’ Professor John Watts (Louisville, Kentucky): ‘The Structure of the Book of Isaiah as it is seen at the end […]

Meetings 1999

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 1999 (abstracts) At University House, Birmingham from Monday to Wednesday, 4-6 January 1999 Professor Robert Carroll (Glasgow): Beyond Kerygma and Kritik: A future for Hebrew Bible Studies in the Institutions of our Learning? (Presidential Paper) Dr Stefan Reif (Cambridge): Jews, Hebraists and Old Testament […]

Meetings 1998

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 1998 (abstracts) At St Catharine’s College, Cambridge from Monday to Wednesday, 5-7 January 1998. Special theme: Temple and Worship Mrs Margaret Barker (Borrowash): The Veil of the Temple (Presidential Paper) Dr Walter Houston (Manchester): Tragedy in the Courts of the Lord: The death of […]

Meetings 1997

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 1997 (abstracts) At University House, Birmingham, Monday to Wednesday, 6-8 January 1997 Dr Rex Mason (Oxford): H. Wheeler Robinson Revisited (Presidential Paper) Dr Pauline Hodgetts, (Birmingham): In Search of the Judges: Of historica1 craft and crafted history (Short Paper) Professor William Johnstone (Aberdeen): I […]

Meetings 1996

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 1996 Theme: The Hebrew Bible in a Postmodern Age At University House, Birmingham, Wednesday to Friday, 3-5 January 1996 Professor David J. A. Clines (Sheffield): The Pyramid and the Net: Old Testament Studies in a Postmodern Age (Presidential Paper) Professor Catherine Belsey (Cardiff): The […]