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The Grinfield lectures on the Septuagint 2013-14, University of Oxford

NICHOLAS DE LANGE, Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Cambridge
‘Japheth in the Tents of Shem: Greek Bible translations in Medieval Judaism’

(First series) Hilary Term 2014 (6th Week)

Monday 24 Feb.: ‘New light on an old question’ Venue: Examination Schools at 5.00 pm Members of the public are welcome to attend

Tuesday 25 Feb.: ‘Aquila fragments from the Genizah’ Venue: Seminar in Jewish Studies in the Greco- Roman Period, Oriental Institute, 2.30 – 4.00 pm

Thursday 27 Feb.: ‘The Successors of Aquila’ Venue: Ioannou Centre, 5.00pm – 6.00 pm

St Andrews Symposium

St Andrews Symposium for Biblical and Early Christian Studies, 2-3 June 2014: Ancient Readers & Their Scriptures: The Texts, Reading Strategies, and the Versions of the Hebrew Bible in Second Temple and Early Judaism. For more information, see:

New resource: Biblindex

The BIBLINDEX project is carried out by the "Institut des Sources Chretiennes". The first stage of the project is completed. An index of approximately 400,000 biblical quotations and references from Greek and Latin patristic texts of the first five centuries is now available online. To search references in Biblindex, you can open a user account on the site : and follow directions for use.

New Journal: SAPIENTIA LOGOS: A Journal of Biblical Research & Interpretation in Africa

A new biblical journal, SAPIENTIA LOGOS: A Journal of Biblical Research & Interpretation in Africa, announces a special theme for October 2009 and 2010. The chosen theme is: Ethnicity and Identity in Biblical Perspective. It is a topic on which the editorial board think members of SOTS would wish to contribute. Members are invited to submit their research work and publications. The General Editor, Dr Randee I-Morphe, can be contacted at The editorial board consists of: Diana Edelman, David Ekem, Paul Ellingworth, Craig Evans, Theodore Hiebert, Andrew Igenoza, Jeremy Punt, Kenton Sparks, and Cephas Tushima.

Temple Studies Group

A Temple Studies Group has been established, in the first instance to convene one-day symposia on Temple themes. The first symposium was held at St Stephen’s House, Oxford, on November 8th 2008, on the theme 'Melchizedek in Scripture, Tradition and Liturgy', with presentations by Robert Hayward, Laurence Hemming, Crispin Fletcher-Louis and Margaret Barker.

Topics in the immediate future are likely to be 'Temple and Music' and 'The Temple and the Holy Sepulchre'. Some symposia will be in the Temple Church in London. Further information is available from the Convener, Dr Margaret Barker (

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Jim West has kindly established a SOTS group on Facebook, to bring together SOTS members and others interested in Old Testament. If you have a profile on Facebook, do join. Find us in Facebook.

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